Taken from the service sheet for the War Memorial Service held on Sunday 8th February 1920 at the Parish Church of The Holy Saviour, Bitterne.
At this service an alabaster and carved white marble memorial inscribed with the names of the Bitterne men who gave their lives in the Great War was unveiled and dedicated.

War Memorial

Find out about individuals by clicking on the links below, most are to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Surname Initials
Barltrop R
Biles E
Blachford A
Bucknill JC
Bunney WA
Carter HG
Carter W
Cassell GE
Chalk G
Cherritt W
Coffin DJ
Colborn JT
Collis EA
Collis PH
Cooper G
Cotton RCF
Diaper CR
Duffin FJ
Eden HA
Ferris J
Fry A
Grant RH
Harrison J
Haslar C
Heard AR
Jewett JF
Kimber AC
Lebourne CH
Levingstone A
Levingstone H
MacNaghten AS
McLean N
McLean R
Meggs CD
Miller R
Othen AJ
Percy H
Perren JH
Plimsole H
Powell PH
Pralle AC
Prince RC
Purkiss JH
Rankin HJ
Reeves H
Remsbury CH
Sampson SFE
Smith R
Spencer H
Spencer S
Stickland AH
Stubbs J
Thorn EN
Thornton E
Wake WA
Warren AG
Watson A
Watson GW
White H
Williams JEJ
Wiltshire GF
Young JC