I - Q

Note: * indicates that the house name is permanently fixed to the house by means of a plaque or stone inset into the brickwork.

Ilkley 132 Spring Rd
Inglefield 117 Deacon Road
Inkerman Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Inkerman Cottages 13-17 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Inverdruie 50 Spring Rd
Iona 31 Chafen Rd
Iona 1 or 3 Quayside Rd
Isle of Wight View 21 Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Ivy Cottage 62/84 Commercial St
Ivy Cottage 69 Pound St (Lane)
Ivy Cottages 26-28 Pound St (Lane)
Ivy Dene 15 Chafen Rd
Ivy Dene 121 Spring Rd
Ivy Glen 187 Spring Rd
Ivy Glen * 92 Bursledon Rd
Ivy View 58 Commercial St
Ivybridge 114 Spring Rd
Jasmine Cottage 103 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Jasmine Cottages 20-24 Pound St (Lane)
Jayella 14 Whites Rd
Jesmond Dene 36 Athelstan Rd
Kai Ori 11 Englefield Rd
Kenhard 103 Spring Rd
Kenilworth 25 Chafen Rd
Kent Cottages 1-3 Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Kevelyn 76 Gladstone Rd
Kia Ora Athelstan Rd
Kiama Athelstan Rd
Kilbury 64 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Killarney 298 Bursledon Rd
Kimberley House 5 Brook Rd
Kimberley Lodge 65 Portsmouth Rd
Kineton 88 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Kingston 140 Spring Rd
Kinlock 19 Chafen Rd
Kinross 136 Spring Rd
Kinver 17 Rampart Rd
Kismet Chessel Ave
Kitchener Terr 1899 * 13 Butts Rd
Knoxville * 344 Portsmouth Rd
La Collette 32 South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
La Maisonette 194 Spring Rd
Laburnam 62 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Laburnum Cottage 236 Spring Rd
Lambeth House 26 Chafen Rd
Lansdowne Cottages 8-9 Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Larghetta 74 Deacon Road
Laura Villas 21/3 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Laura Villas 25 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Laurel Cottage 16 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Laurel Cottage 228 Spring Rd
Laurel Cottage 12 Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Laurel Cottages 81-83 Pound St (Lane)
Laworth 61 Steuart Rd
Le Hogh 76 Deacon Road
Ledbury 11 Whites Rd
Lilac House 121 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Lilian Cottage 66 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Lindon House 44/46 Station Rd
Llanberis 22 Athelstan Rd
Lorne House 49 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Lugano 171 Porchester Rd
Lumsden 110 Spring Rd
Lydford 33 Brook Rd
Lyme Villa 1886 * 274 Middle Rd
Lynbrook Little Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
Lyncote Bursledon Rd
Lynton 34 Spring Rd
Lynton 69 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Lynwood 101 Spring Rd
Lynwood 36 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Madeline 89 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Mafeking House 3 Brook Rd
Magnolia 24 Rampart Rd
Malesburg 10 Deacon Road
Malta Cottage 98 Spring Rd
Malvern 146 Spring Rd
Malvern 83 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Manor Lodge Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Manston Cottage 206 Spring Rd
Marienbad 18 Rampart Rd
May Cottage 21 Balaclava Rd
May Cottage 41 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
May Cottage 43 High St (Bitterne Rd)
May Trees 10 High St (Bitterne Rd)
Maycroft 23 Rampart Rd
Maytree Cottage 10 Chichester Rd
Maytree Cottages 230-4 Spring Rd
Maytree Cottages 113/115 Station Rd
Maytree Cottages 113/5 Station Rd
Maywyn 130 Spring Rd
Meadow Farm 68 Spring Rd
Meadville 12 South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Medway 64 Spring Rd
Medway Villas * 90/92 Radstock Rd
Melba 266 Spring Rd
Meldon 23 Steuart Rd
Merivale 28 Brownlow Ave
Merrielea 66 Gladstone Rd
Merry Oak 44 Spring Rd
Merry Tree Cottage 30 Pound St (Lane)
Merryoak Cottage 38 Commercial St
Mersham 39 Westend Rd
Mersham Lodge 39a Westend Rd
Merton 338 Spring Rd
Merton Villa 14 Rampart Rd
Midanbury House/Lodge Midanbury Lane
Milford House Bursledon Rd
Milnsford 142 Spring Rd
Milton Cottage 9 Brook Rd
Minerva 4-6 Pound St (Lane)
Miranda 62 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Mizpah 24 South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Mizpah Cottages 25-27 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Monte Repos High St (next to School)
Moorlands Westend Rd (+ Lodge,Cottage,Farm)
Moorlands Villa (Brydone) Westend Rd (Mousehole Lane)
Moreton 85 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Moss Glen 189 Spring Rd
Mount Irwin 56 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Mount Pleasant Cottage 6/8 St Monica Rd
Myositis 9 Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Myrtle Cottage 31 Balaclava Rd
Myrtle Cottage 4 Brook Rd
Myrtle Cottage 59 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Myrtle Cottage 9 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Myrtle Cottage 71 Pound St (Lane)
Myrtle Cottage 240 Spring Rd
Nanford 117 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Nestleton 81 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Netley Cottages* 478-480 Portsmouth Rd
Netley View * 91/93 Whites Rd
Nettlecombe 21 Commercial St
Newfield Cottage 7 Brook Rd
Newhaven 112 Spring Rd
Newlands 22 Rampart Rd
Newnham Westend Rd
Niagra Cottage Botley Rd (Bitterne Rd East)
Norman Cottage 2 Brook Rd
Northwood 126 Spring Rd
Norwood 90 Spring Rd
Oak Cottage 73 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Oak Cottage 222 Spring Rd
Oak Cottage 238 Spring Rd
Oak Cottages 114-116 Brewery Rd (Chapel St/Dean Rd)
Oak Dene 17 Chafen Rd
Oak Dene 42 Westend Rd
Oak Mere 1 High St (Bitterne Rd)
Oak Villas 1-11 High St (Bitterne Rd)
Oak Villas 274-6 Spring Rd
Oak Wood 5 Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Oakdene 3 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Oakfield 3 Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Oakfield Midanbury Lane
Oakfield Lodge Midanbury Lane
Oakhurst 28 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Odiham Cottages 26-28 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Olive Cottage * 155 South-East Rd
Olympic 1 Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Omuri Bursledon Rd
Orchard Lea Villas 54/56 Bath Rd
Oriel 32 Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Oriel House 119 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Oriental Cottage 36 Commercial St
Origon * (Railway Terr) 10 Wrights Hill
Osborne 34 Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Osborne Cottages 1-6 High St (Bitterne Rd)
Osborne Cottages 38-40 Pound St (Lane)
Osborne House 100 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Overton House 92 Spring Rd
Palmerno 16 Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Pantasaph 14 Athelstan Rd
Panwell Villa 2 Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Park View 31 Bursledon Rd
Park Villa 280 Spring Rd
Peach Cottage 23 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Peak Cottage 86 Commercial St
Pelynt 74 Gladstone Rd
Pendennis 32 Athelstan Rd
Penniville 6 Englefield Rd
Penslade 1 Balaclava Rd
Pentaeg 3 Balaclava Rd
Percy Arms Inn 18 Commercial St
Pimperino House 1 Brook Rd
Pine Cottage 134 Brewery Rd (Dean Rd)
Pineside 44 Westend Rd
Pinewood Cottages 262 Spring Rd
Pitcairne 77 Pound St (Lane)
Pitt Cottages 31-33 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Pleasant Cottage 70 Pound St (Lane)
Pleasant View 1883 * 137/139 Kathleen Rd
Plevna Cottages 42-44 Brook Rd
Post Office 64 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Pretoria 113 Spring Rd
Pretoria Villas 68-70 Bursledon Rd
Primrose Villa 21 Chafen Rd
Providence Villa 77 Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Quarantine Kennels Englefield Rd