I - Q

Note: * indicates that the house name is permanently fixed to the house by means of a plaque or stone inset into the brickwork.

Inkerman Cottages 13-17 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Hawarden Cottages 21-23 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Odiham Cottages 26-28 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Surrey Cottages 27-29 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Pitt Cottages 31-33 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Heather Cottages 5-7 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Myrtle Cottage 9 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Holly Cottage 14 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Grateley Cottage 19 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Victoria Cottage 30 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Rosemary 39 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Hope Villa 41 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Redcote Lodge 43 Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Clyde Villas * 111/113 Kathleen Rd
Rose Cottages J.I. 1883 * 115/117 Kathleen Rd
Eden 1903 * 122/124 Kathleen Rd
Gladstone Cottages 1883 * 133/135 Kathleen Rd
Pleasant View 1883 * 137/139 Kathleen Rd
Springhill Cottage * 121 Kathleen Rd
Alpha Little Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
Clovelly Little Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
Lynbrook Little Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
Tollgate House Little Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
St Kilda 1 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Oakdene 3 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Windermere 5 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Shrub Cottage 11 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Arthur Cottage 20 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Homeleigh 26 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Rose Cottage 28 Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Bitterne Terrace 12-40 Maytree Rd
Beech Wood Midanbury Lane
Midanbury House/Lodge Midanbury Lane
Oakfield Midanbury Lane
Oakfield Lodge Midanbury Lane
Wykeham Villas 1889 * 4-6 Middle Rd
Rogerpat 110 Middle Rd
Bredon 223 Middle Rd
Sydney Villa 1887 * 268 Middle Rd
Dover Villa 1887 * 270 Middle Rd
Dorset Villa 1886 * 272 Middle Rd
Lyme Villa 1886 * 274 Middle Rd
Snowdrop Villa 1883 * 280 Middle Rd
Benham's Farm Mousehole Lane
Glenfield Farm Mousehole Lane
Waterloo Cottage Mousehole Lane
The Mount Mousehole Lane (Witts Hill)
Gordon Villa 60-62 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Brittania Villa 46 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Rivermead 48 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Carmoyle 52 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Mount Irwin 56 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Fritham Villa 60 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Laburnam 62 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Kilbury 64 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Whitebury 66 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Burgate 68 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
East Hulme 68 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Henley 70 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
St Denys View 72 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Woodgate 74 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Rosedale 76 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Clausentum 78 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
The Brambles 80 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Glenista 82 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Enderby 84 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Ashleigh 86 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Clovelly 88 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Wernbrook 90 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Furningham 92 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Homestead 94 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Thistle Villa 96 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Ronald House 98 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Osborne House 100 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Chessel Farm 120 Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Bitterne Manor House Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Manor Lodge Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Dagmar* 81 Peartree Ave
Carrington House 5 Peartree Green (Sea Rd)
Lugano 171 Porchester Rd
Netley Cottages* 478-480 Portsmouth Rd
Westbourne House* 54 Portsmouth Rd
Bangalore 61 Portsmouth Rd
Kimberley Lodge 65 Portsmouth Rd
Claughton 1894 * 67 Portsmouth Rd
Auckland House 80 Portsmouth Rd
Knoxville * 344 Portsmouth Rd
Eddyville * 346 Portsmouth Rd
Thatched Cottages 12-16 Pound St (Lane)
Jasmine Cottages 20-24 Pound St (Lane)
Ivy Cottages 26-28 Pound St (Lane)
Filbert Cottages 36-38 Pound St (Lane)
Osborne Cottages 38-40 Pound St (Lane)
Thatched Cottage 44-46 Pound St (Lane)
Minerva 4-6 Pound St (Lane)
Grove Cottages 47-49 Pound St (Lane)
Clare Cottages 57-59 Pound St (Lane)
Chestnut Cottages 65-67 Pound St (Lane)
Laurel Cottages 81-83 Pound St (Lane)
Church View 9-17 Pound St (Lane)
Holly Home 8 Pound St (Lane)
St Leonards 10 Pound St (Lane)
York Cottage 18 Pound St (Lane)
Merry Tree Cottage 30 Pound St (Lane)
Glen Cottage 32 Pound St (Lane)
Brier Cottage 42 Pound St (Lane)
Victoria Cottage 48 Pound St (Lane)
Syringa 51 Pound St (Lane)
Yewtree Cottage 56 Pound St (Lane)
Fern Cottage 58 Pound St (Lane)
Claremont 61 Pound St (Lane)
Hilda Cottage 68 Pound St (Lane)
Ivy Cottage 69 Pound St (Lane)
Pleasant Cottage 70 Pound St (Lane)
Myrtle Cottage 71 Pound St (Lane)
Glen Villa 72 Pound St (Lane)
Stockton Cottage 74 Pound St (Lane)
Hibernia 75 Pound St (Lane)
Pitcairne 77 Pound St (Lane)
Fitzroy 79 Pound St (Lane)
Sidney Cottage 89 Pound St (Lane)
Fernside 91 Pound St (Lane)
Firs Cottage 92 Pound St (Lane)
Firs Inn 92 Pound St (Lane)
Rock Cottage 98 Pound St (Lane)
Holly Grove 104 Pound St (Lane)
Fox & Hounds 106 Pound St (Lane)
Iona 1 or 3 Quayside Rd
Alpha 7 Quayside Rd