A London and South-Western Railway Memorial tablet is erected at the entrance to Ocean Village in Canute Road, stating that a cot was also endowed at the Servants Orphanage in memory of those who fell in the Great War.

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The following names are inscribed:

Aldis O.B. McRill G.
Barber G. Miller F.C.
Barton V. Morin F.R.
Battrick P. Mulgrave E.
Besant W. Newton H.E.
Budden F.J. Oliver A.
Burton (Mrs) W. Oliver T.
Cherrett C.F. Oxlade G.H.
Chick J. Page S.L.
Clow W.E. Paice G.
Cochrane (Mrs) E.B. Parsons G.W.H.
Coles F.W. Parsons R.
Cotton A. Platt J.C.
Davies J.E. Pleace T.E.
Day W.R.M. Rancecroft H.
Deathe B. Robinson E.F.
Fielding W.C. Saunders F.C.
Garland F.C. Shea J.
Glouskofsky A. Short J.
Gomes J.A. Smith A.V.
Groves A. Starling A.
Harrison J. Still A.E.
Hill H. Stokes W.
Hodder G.E. Stone C.
Hodgen G. Strange H.T.
Holloway B.J. Sweetingham J.J.
Ingram G. Thorn F.A.
Ingram J.S.B. Thorne P.C.
Ings J. Unwin A.
Jewell R.M. Van Santen S.
Joyce W.A. Watridge F.H.
Lamerton T. Waugh W.H.
Le Cac Y.M. Welsh A.W.
Le Huquet J. Wheeler J.H.
Le Page E. Williamson W.P.
Martin F.C. White R.C.J.
McCarthy B.W.J. Young W.H.
Moody W.  

The tablet below, erected in memory of those who fell in the 1939-1945 war is nearby:

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The following names are inscribed:

Bagley W.H. Maule H.
Barker J.W. Mears D.
Benyon J. Mills L.
Bligh R.N. Parsons J.A.
Brooker S. Pointer J.
Brown J. Reeves T.
Chambers M.H. Ross G.
Charlton H.F.D. Simmons W.F.
Collings K.V.G. Stansbridge E.
Dagnell E.C. Stark A.
Falloon J. Stephens A.C.W.
Fisher R.F. Tanner E.E.
Gordon A. Ward A.E. (Mrs)
Gordon R.A. Webb E.
Hawes R.W. Webb W.C.F.
Hawkes J.W. Weekes H.
Hellyar A. White A.G.S.
Henry W.R. Wilson W.
Ireland B. Wright E.
Laverick K.W. York F.C.
Longman W. Young G.A.
Lush L.