The following name changes are known to have taken place, at different periods of Southampton's history, consequent upon various suburbs being brought into the then County Borough of Southampton. Problems were quickly encountered with identical road names and within a year or so changes were implemented.

Almatade Road Alma Road, Bitterne 1924
Almond Road Alma Road, Shirley 1902
Anglesea Road Brunswick Road, Shirley c. 1900
Augustine Road Oak Road, Northam 1924
Beatrice Road Victoria Road, Shirle 1924
Bellemoor Road. Upper Shirley Road 1883
Bernard Street Bridge Street 1924
Bishops Road High Street, Itchen 1924
Bitterne Road East (part) Botley Road, Bitterne
Bourne Road Osbourne Road, Freemantle 1898
Burgess Street (later to Road) Alma Road, Bassett 1924
Bursledon Road (part) Church Road, Bitterne
Cannon Street Pound Street, Shirley 1924
Carlisle Road Union Road, Shirley 1903
Cawte Road Union Road, Freemantle 1903
Chatsworth Road Victoria Road, Bitterne 1924
Cracknore Road Lodge Road, Freemantle 1901
Deacon Road Furze Lane, Bitterne
Deacon Road (part) Thornhill Road, Bitterne 1924
Dean Road (part) Brewery Road, Bitterne
Dean Road (part) Chapel Street, Bitterne 1924
Florence Road Alma Road, Woolston 1924
Glen Road Grove Road, Woolston 1924
Hawkeswood Road South View Road, Bitterne after 1918
Hazel Road Elm Road, Itchen 1924
Hewitts Road Cliff Road, Freemantle c. 1900
Howards Grove Pound Road, Shirley c. 1900
Kathleen Road St. Mary Street, Sholing 1924
Kentish Road Kent Road, Shirley 1903
Keswick Road Albert Road, Woolston 1924
Laurel Road Ivy Road, Itchen 1924
Leighton Road (now St. Edmunds Road) Oxford Road, Shirley c. 1900
Manor Farm Road Holland Road, Bitterne
Marlborough Road Oxford Street, Shirley 1924
Marne Road Inkerman Road, Bitterne 1924
Midanbury Lane (part) Dott's Lane, Bitterne after 1911
Oakley Road Mousehole Lane, Shirley c. 1900
Ozier Road Love Lane, Bitterne 1966
Parkville Road Park Road, Swaythling 1924
Paynes/Park Roads (part) Naseby Road, Freemantle 1904
Pinegrove Road Firgrove Road, Sholing 1924
Pitt Road Lake Road, Freemantle 1924
Poole Road Brook Road, Itchen 1924
Pound Street Pound Lane, Bitterne 1897
Radstock Road Avenue Road, Itchen 1924
Randolph Street Russell Street, Shirley 1903
Redcar Street Regent Street, Shirley 1903
Roberts Road Albert Road, Shirley 1901
Ruby Road Lodge Road, Bitterne 1924
Rupert Road Albert Road, Bitterne 1924
Sandringham Road The Crescent, Bitterne Park 1924
Sea Road Hill Street, Itchen 1924
Shales Road Back Lane, Bitterne
Shirley Road Romsey Lane, Freemantle c. 1900
Spring Crescent Spring Road, Portswood 1924
Spring Road Merryoak Lane
St. Anne's Road Milton Road, Woolston 1924
St. Edmund's Road Leighton Road, Shirley 1924
St. Monica Road Church Road, Sholing 1924
Stratton Road (Police) Station Road, Shirley 1903
Swift Road Onslow Road, Woolston 1924
Tankerville Road Britannia Road, Itchen 1924
Thornhill Road Back Lane (known locally) by 1987
University Road Church Lane, Highfield
Vaudrey Street Beavis Street, Shirley 1901
Vespasian Road Clausentum Road, Bitterne 1924
Victor Street Albert Street, Shirley 1901
Walpole Road Avenue Road, Itchen 1924
Warren Crescent The Crescent, Shirley Warren 1924
Wharncliffe Road Cliff Road, Woolston 1924
Wolseley Road Wellington Road, Shirley 1903