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Bloody British History: Southampton


Author: Penny Legg

The people of Southampton have had a lot to put up with over the centuries. If the Danes or French weren’t attacking it, pirates from further along the coast were. Treasonous plots were hatched behind its ancient walls and mutiny hit its shipping. This book looks at such bloody events as the Black Death in the city, what happens when you cross a king, the ill-fated Titanic and the Blitz. Yes, the best bits of Southampton’s history are surely the bloodiest!


  • murderous pirates wreaking havoc in the port
  • ‘ring a ring O’ roses’ – How the plague brought a town to its knees
  • the ill-fated journey of the titanic
  • german bombs battering the city in
  • the blitz

96 pages. Softback, 234 x 156 mm. First published 2013

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