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Local Paper No.35 – Risdon Beazley Ltd, Clausentum Yard, Bitterne Manor


Authors: Roy Martin & Lyle Craigie-Halkett

A detailed history of the salvage company founded by Risdon Archibald BEAZLEY, CBE, in 1926 until it ceased operations in 1981. The company’s recovery vessels travelled the world and had an international reputation. By 1944 they were operating more than 60 salvage ships from their Bitterne Manor base, where they also built 22 Fairmile MTB’s. Of the 21 Admiralty salvage ships that crossed the channel on D-Day, 11 were managed by Risdon Beazley. One of their most noteworthy achievements was the recovery of the SS Great Britain in 1969 in the Falklands. This was the first ship of more than 1,000 tons to be salvaged on a submersible pontoon and its return to Bristol is the world record for the longest tow with that type of load by a stern trawler. This important part of our marine history is covered in depth and makes essential reading for any marine enthusiast.

44 A4 pages.

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