Bitterne Area House Names in Street Order

Note: * indicates that the house name is permanently fixed to the house by means of a plaque or stone inset into the brickwork.

This list was made some years ago and is far from complete. If you have information that we could add to it then please contact us.

Myositis9Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Rambler Cottage14Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Rose Cottage16Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Royal24Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Kent Cottages1-3Alma Rd (Almatade Rd)
Windermere12Athelstan Rd
Pantasaph14Athelstan Rd
Delphinium16Athelstan Rd
Cranbrook18Athelstan Rd
Tarbert18Athelstan Rd
Llanberis22Athelstan Rd
Alverstoke24Athelstan Rd
The Chalet26Athelstan Rd
The Shack28Athelstan Rd
Bouldner30Athelstan Rd
Pendennis32Athelstan Rd
Almonte34Athelstan Rd
Jesmond Dene36Athelstan Rd
Hursley40Athelstan Rd
The Rest40Athelstan Rd
St Katherines42Athelstan Rd
Trilga44Athelstan Rd
Wedveny44Athelstan Rd
Ewhurst48Athelstan Rd
Riverside54Athelstan Rd
Hove CottageAthelstan Rd
Kia OraAthelstan Rd
KiamaAthelstan Rd
Campania5Athelstan Road
AtairAthelstan Rd
Clyde Cottages17-19Balaclava Rd
Harefield Cottages37-39Balaclava Rd
Penslade1Balaclava Rd
Pentaeg3Balaclava Rd
Tudor5Balaclava Rd
Dalmuir6Balaclava Rd
Richmond7Balaclava Rd
Codmar9Balaclava Rd
Cosham11Balaclava Rd
Sussex Cottage15Balaclava Rd
May Cottage21Balaclava Rd
Myrtle Cottage31Balaclava Rd
Rutland Lodge (Anglesey House)85Balaclava Rd
St IvesBalaclava Rd
Anglesey House (Rutland Lodge)85Balaclava Rd
Orchard Lea Villas54/56Bath Rd
Berkeley Villas58/60Bath Rd
Hawarden Villas62/64Bath Rd
Clovelly Villas66/68Bath Rd
Glenlynn Villas70/72Bath Rd
Granville3Bath Rd
Bath Lodge5Bath Rd
Niagra CottageBotley Rd (Bitterne Rd East)
Redcote BrickworksBotley Rd (Bitterne Rd East)
Springwell CottageBotley Rd (Bitterne Rd East)
Taplins CottageBotley Rd (Bitterne Rd East)
The ChestnutsBotley Rd (Bitterne Rd East)
Oak Cottages114-116Brewery Rd (Chapel St/Dean Rd)
Clare Cottage112aBrewery Rd (Dean Rd)
Excelsior Cottages118-120Brewery Rd (Dean Rd)
Brook Cottage112Brewery Rd (Dean Rd)
Pine Cottage134Brewery Rd (Dean Rd)
Bitterne Brewery136Brewery Rd (Dean Rd)
Star Cottage122-124Brewery Road (Chapel St/Dean Rd)
Vine Cottages130-134Brewery Road (Chapel St/Dean Rd)
Vine Cottage79Brewery Road (Chapel St/Dean Rd)
Thatched Cottage102Brewery Road (Chapel St/Dean Rd)
Vincent Cottages10-12Brook Rd
Ailsa Cottages14/16Brook Rd
Glencoe Villas18-20Brook Rd
Elteb Cottage21-23Brook Rd
Beatrice Cottages22-24Brook Rd
Telekeber Cottages25-27Brook Rd
Eastview29-31Brook Rd
Roumania Cottages32-34Brook Rd
Hawarden Cottages37-39Brook Rd
Sherbourne Cottages38-40Brook Rd
Plevna Cottages42-44Brook Rd
Rockbourne43-45Brook Rd
Alexandra Villas45/47Brook Rd
Cyprus Cottages46-48Brook Rd
Sunnyside49-51Brook Rd
Pimperino House1Brook Rd
Norman Cottage2Brook Rd
Mafeking House3Brook Rd
Myrtle Cottage4Brook Rd
Kimberley House5Brook Rd
Newfield Cottage7Brook Rd
Stirford Cottage8Brook Rd
Milton Cottage9Brook Rd
Bruce Cottage11Brook Rd
Cuthbert13Brook Rd
Chetterwood15Brook Rd
St Hilda17Brook Rd
Bay Cottage26Brook Rd
Shrubb Cottage28Brook Rd
Cabul Cottage30Brook Rd
Lydford33Brook Rd
Cambridge Cottage35Brook Rd
Radnor Cottage53Brook Rd
Brownlow House2Brownlow Ave
Alma8Brownlow Ave
Merivale28Brownlow Ave
Aldene40Brownlow Ave
Albert Terrace1/23Bursledon Rd
Ashton Villas60/62Bursledon Rd
Pretoria Villas68-70Bursledon Rd
Terrace House1Bursledon Rd
Bitterne Vicarage2Bursledon Rd
Adderley25Bursledon Rd
Southern Haye27Bursledon Rd
Park View31Bursledon Rd
Stainswood38Bursledon Rd
Compton40Bursledon Rd
Woodbine44Bursledon Rd
Hillcrest46Bursledon Rd
Alexandria Villa 1881*50Bursledon Rd
Denby54Bursledon Rd
Brunswick56Bursledon Rd
Gloucester Villas58Bursledon Rd
Cliftonville90Bursledon Rd
Ivy Glen *92Bursledon Rd
Ashmount102Bursledon Rd
Sunnyside105Bursledon Rd
Halcyon244Bursledon Rd
Baytree274Bursledon Rd
Chunar282Bursledon Rd
St Just284Bursledon Rd
Wynberg292Bursledon Rd
Woodlands296Bursledon Rd
Killarney298Bursledon Rd
Bitterne CourtBursledon Rd
HomewoodBursledon Rd
LyncoteBursledon Rd
Milford HouseBursledon Rd
OmuriBursledon Rd
Kitchener Terr 1899 *13Butts Rd
Waldora33Butts Rd
Ivy Dene15Chafen Rd
Oak Dene17Chafen Rd
Kinlock19Chafen Rd
Primrose Villa21Chafen Rd
St Hilda23Chafen Rd
St Winifreds23Chafen Rd
Chafen House24Chafen Rd
Amesbury25Chafen Rd
Kenilworth25Chafen Rd
Lambeth House26Chafen Rd
Iona31Chafen Rd
Cranton33Chafen Rd
St Margarets37Chafen Rd
Stoke Abbot38Chafen Rd
Chalderton43Chafen Rd
Rosetta29Chapel Rd (Dean Rd)
The Cot1-4Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Cambridge Terrace20-30Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Mizpah Cottages25-27Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Beach Cottages34-36Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Rosslyn Cottages37-39Chapel St (Dean Rd)
South Front42-100Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Alma Terrace46/58Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Spring Gardens53-73Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Rock Villa5Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Claremont6Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Belgrave Villa7Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Clifton Villa9Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Flora Cottage11Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Snowdrop Cottage11Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Hope Cottages12Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Fern Cottage13Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Slate Cottage14Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Rosilia Cottage15Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Laurel Cottage16Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Gift Cottage18Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Vase Cottage21Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Peach Cottage23Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Trecoed26Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Grocers Shop32Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Westbourne38Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Titchfield40Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Hawthorne41Chapel St (Dean Rd)
May Cottage41Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Roselle42Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Charlton House44Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Lorne House49Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Cedars53Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Myrtle Cottage59Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Alma House60Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Victoria Cottage61Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Wilton Cottage62Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Rose Cottage63Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Post Office64Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Spring Cottage65Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Lilian Cottage66Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Cloudsley House70Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Conservative Club70Chapel St (Dean Rd)
The Hollies72Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Westwood74Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Bellwood76Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Providence Villa77Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Rosewood78Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Barton80Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Fairlee82Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Devonshire Villa83Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Tredavid84Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Woodbine85Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Brereton Lodge87Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Kineton88Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Fir Cottage101Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Jasmine Cottage103Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Ferndale Cottage109Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Brook Cottage112Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Westbury Cottage113Chapel St (Dean Rd)
East View Cottage115Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Nanford117Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Ranford117Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Oriel House119Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Lilac House121Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Horley Villa123Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Roslyn HouseChapel St (Dean Rd)
Arch Cottages17/19Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Oak Cottage73Chapel St (Dean Rd)
Ashlea Cottages107Chapel St (Dean Rd)
The Dairy48Chapel Street (Dean Road)
KismetChessel Ave
WoodsideChessel Ave
Grocers Shop6Chichester Rd
Chichester Cottage8Chichester Rd
Maytree Cottage10Chichester Rd
The Castle1Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Oakfield3Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
St Aubins5Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
St Louis6Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Saleterne11Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
St George12Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Palmerno16Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Vespasian18Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Bickton24Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Ashton26Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Beatrice Villa28Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Bertram30Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Oriel32Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Osborne34Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Briarfield36Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Glenfield38Clausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
AlmaClausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
InkermanClausentum Rd/Ave (Vespasian Rd)
Western Place20-26Commercial St
York Drove28/34Commercial St
The Drove45-51Commercial St
Ivy Cottage62/84Commercial St
Victoria Villa5Commercial St
Dove Cottages9Commercial St
Percy Arms Inn18Commercial St
Nettlecombe21Commercial St
Alice Cottage25Commercial St
Belgrave Cottage29Commercial St
Rubimara31Commercial St
Oriental Cottage36Commercial St
Winchester Cottage36Commercial St
Merryoak Cottage38Commercial St
Hope Cottage40Commercial St
Ivy View58Commercial St
Hilda Cottage62Commercial St
Hollybourne Cottage63Commercial St
Commercial Inn73Commercial St
Peak Cottage86Commercial St
Brailsford Cottage112Commercial St
Bay Cottage118Commercial St
Victoria Cottages5/6Cranbury Rd
Avondale8Cranbury Rd
Strawberry Cottage113Deacon Rd
Homelands121Deacon Rd
Denewood8Deacon Road
Malesburg10Deacon Road
Roseneath30Deacon Road
Eveline37Deacon Road
Ferndale41Deacon Road
Trevithan46Deacon Road
Broomehill48Deacon Road
Springfield58Deacon Road
St Cleir60Deacon Road
Shomer62Deacon Road
Dunedin64Deacon Road
Larghetta74Deacon Road
Le Hogh76Deacon Road
The Bungalow82Deacon Road
Hillworth103Deacon Road
Heatherfield105Deacon Road
Thorncliffe109Deacon Road
Ardnave115Deacon Road
Inglefield117Deacon Road
Hillside119Deacon Road
Redlynch123Deacon Road
The Dale125Deacon Road
Allendale12/13Englefield Rd
The Shrubbery1Englefield Rd
The Hamlet2Englefield Rd
The Haven4Englefield Rd
The Cottage5Englefield Rd
Penniville6Englefield Rd
Soudan Villa7Englefield Rd
Rosslyn8Englefield Rd
Glencora9Englefield Rd
Chota Char10Englefield Rd
Kai Ori11Englefield Rd
Quarantine KennelsEnglefield Rd
Walton-Le-Dale *28/30Firgrove Rd (Pinegrove Rd)
Firgrove Terrace *62/72Firgrove Rd (Pinegrove Rd)
Alexandra Villas *74/76Firgrove Rd”(Pinegrove Rd”)
Raughlee2Garfield Rd
Ashbury3Garfield Rd
Cartfef43Gladstone Rd
Fair Haven60Gladstone Rd
Merrielea66Gladstone Rd
White Rook70Gladstone Rd
A La Fin72Gladstone Rd
Pelynt74Gladstone Rd
Kevelyn76Gladstone Rd
Fernwood78Gladstone Rd
Oak Villas1-11High St (Bitterne Rd)
Osborne Cottages1-6High St (Bitterne Rd)
Belgrano27-29High St (Bitterne Rd)
Sunnyside31-33High St (Bitterne Rd)
Albert Place52-60High St (Bitterne Rd)
Oak Mere1High St (Bitterne Rd)
Tryermayne2High St (Bitterne Rd)
Vectis3High St (Bitterne Rd)
Alexandra Villa9High St (Bitterne Rd)
May Trees10High St (Bitterne Rd)
Clock House12High St (Bitterne Rd)
Richmond13High St (Bitterne Rd)
Winton House14High St (Bitterne Rd)
The Garage18High St (Bitterne Rd)
Red Lion Hotel20High St (Bitterne Rd)
Aylburton Cottage25High St (Bitterne Rd)
Glenroy House43High St (Bitterne Rd)
May Cottage43High St (Bitterne Rd)
Yew Tree Cottage47High St (Bitterne Rd)
Thrush Cottage49High St (Bitterne Rd)
The Cot61High St (Bitterne Rd)
High View77High St (Bitterne Rd)
Townsend79High St (Bitterne Rd)
Hill Crest81High St (Bitterne Rd)
Stanwell83High St (Bitterne Rd)
Grasmere85High St (Bitterne Rd)
Gladstone Villa87High St (Bitterne Rd)
Rose Cottage97High St (Bitterne Rd)
The Shrubbery99High St (Bitterne Rd)
Hillsbrow101High St (Bitterne Rd)
Spring CottageHigh St (Bitterne Rd)
The Old House (Bitterne House)High St (Bitterne Rd)
Bitterne HouseHigh St (Corner Maytree Rd)
Monte ReposHigh St (next to School)
Inkerman Cottages13-17Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Hawarden Cottages21-23Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Odiham Cottages26-28Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Surrey Cottages27-29Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Pitt Cottages31-33Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Heather Cottages5-7Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Myrtle Cottage9Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Holly Cottage14Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Grateley Cottage19Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Victoria Cottage30Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Rosemary39Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Hope Villa41Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Redcote Lodge43Inkerman Rd (Marne Rd)
Clyde Villas *111/113Kathleen Rd
Rose Cottages J.I. 1883 *115/117Kathleen Rd
Eden 1903 *122/124Kathleen Rd
Gladstone Cottages 1883 *133/135Kathleen Rd
Pleasant View 1883 *137/139Kathleen Rd
Springhill Cottage *121Kathleen Rd
AlphaLittle Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
ClovellyLittle Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
LynbrookLittle Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
Tollgate HouseLittle Lances Hill (Lances Hill)
St Kilda1Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Oakdene3Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Windermere5Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Shrub Cottage11Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Arthur Cottage20Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Homeleigh26Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Rose Cottage28Lodge Rd (Ruby Rd)
Bitterne Terrace12-40Maytree Rd
Beech WoodMidanbury Lane
Midanbury House/LodgeMidanbury Lane
OakfieldMidanbury Lane
Oakfield LodgeMidanbury Lane
Wykeham Villas 1889 *4-6Middle Rd
Rogerpat110Middle Rd
Bredon223Middle Rd
Sydney Villa 1887 *268Middle Rd
Dover Villa 1887 *270Middle Rd
Dorset Villa 1886 *272Middle Rd
Lyme Villa 1886 *274Middle Rd
Snowdrop Villa 1883 *280Middle Rd
Benham’s FarmMousehole Lane
Glenfield FarmMousehole Lane
Waterloo CottageMousehole Lane
The MountMousehole Lane (Witts Hill)
Gordon Villa60-62Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Brittania Villa46Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Rivermead48Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Carmoyle52Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Mount Irwin56Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Fritham Villa60Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Laburnam62Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Kilbury64Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Whitebury66Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Burgate68Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
East Hulme68Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Henley70Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
St Denys View72Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Woodgate74Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Rosedale76Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Clausentum78Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
The Brambles80Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Glenista82Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Enderby84Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Ashleigh86Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Clovelly88Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Wernbrook90Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Furningham92Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Homestead94Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Thistle Villa96Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Ronald House98Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Osborne House100Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Chessel Farm120Northam Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Bitterne Manor HouseNortham Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Manor LodgeNortham Bridge Rd (Bitterne Rd)
Dagmar*81Peartree Ave
Carrington House5Peartree Green (Sea Rd)
Lugano171Porchester Rd
Netley Cottages*478-480Portsmouth Rd
Westbourne House*54Portsmouth Rd
Bangalore61Portsmouth Rd
Kimberley Lodge65Portsmouth Rd
Claughton 1894 *67Portsmouth Rd
Auckland House80Portsmouth Rd
Knoxville *344Portsmouth Rd
Eddyville *346Portsmouth Rd
Thatched Cottages12-16Pound St (Lane)
Jasmine Cottages20-24Pound St (Lane)
Ivy Cottages26-28Pound St (Lane)
Filbert Cottages36-38Pound St (Lane)
Osborne Cottages38-40Pound St (Lane)
Thatched Cottage44-46Pound St (Lane)
Minerva4-6Pound St (Lane)
Grove Cottages47-49Pound St (Lane)
Clare Cottages57-59Pound St (Lane)
Chestnut Cottages65-67Pound St (Lane)
Laurel Cottages81-83Pound St (Lane)
Church View9-17Pound St (Lane)
Holly Home8Pound St (Lane)
St Leonards10Pound St (Lane)
York Cottage18Pound St (Lane)
Merry Tree Cottage30Pound St (Lane)
Glen Cottage32Pound St (Lane)
Brier Cottage42Pound St (Lane)
Victoria Cottage48Pound St (Lane)
Syringa51Pound St (Lane)
Yewtree Cottage56Pound St (Lane)
Fern Cottage58Pound St (Lane)
Claremont61Pound St (Lane)
Hilda Cottage68Pound St (Lane)
Ivy Cottage69Pound St (Lane)
Pleasant Cottage70Pound St (Lane)
Myrtle Cottage71Pound St (Lane)
Glen Villa72Pound St (Lane)
Stockton Cottage74Pound St (Lane)
Hibernia75Pound St (Lane)
Pitcairne77Pound St (Lane)
Fitzroy79Pound St (Lane)
Sidney Cottage89Pound St (Lane)
Fernside91Pound St (Lane)
Firs Cottage92Pound St (Lane)
Firs Inn92Pound St (Lane)
Rock Cottage98Pound St (Lane)
Holly Grove104Pound St (Lane)
Fox & Hounds106Pound St (Lane)
Iona1 or 3Quayside Rd
Alpha7Quayside Rd
Harrington Villas *105/107Radstock Rd
Medway Villas *90/92Radstock Rd
Southwick Villas *62Radstock Rd
Fernside *124Radstock Rd
Arun Villa *126Radstock Rd
Gleneek26 or 28Rampart Rd
Wembury House26 or 28Rampart Rd
Cromarty1Rampart Rd
Carlisle3Rampart Rd
Roslyn4Rampart Rd
Bursledere6Rampart Rd
Haslemere6Rampart Rd
Holm Mead7Rampart Rd
The Nook8Rampart Rd
Glen Holme9Rampart Rd
Bourneville10Rampart Rd
Homeleigh11Rampart Rd
Rothesay12Rampart Rd
Eversleigh13Rampart Rd
Merton Villa14Rampart Rd
Arundel15Rampart Rd
St Elmo16Rampart Rd
Kinver17Rampart Rd
Marienbad18Rampart Rd
Glenroy19Rampart Rd
Roseleigh21Rampart Rd
Newlands22Rampart Rd
Maycroft23Rampart Rd
Magnolia24Rampart Rd
Hillbrow26Rampart Rd
The Firs70Rampart Rd
Florence18Ruby Rd
Ashton VillasRuby Rd
Homestead6South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Rishangle8South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Glendore10South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Meadville12South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Fairbank14South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Devon Villa16South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Allendale18South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Corcona20South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
South View20South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Bethany22South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Mizpah24South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Rowena26South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
The Nook30South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
La Collette32South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Braemar34South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Roman Villa365South View Rd (Hawkeswood Rd)
Olive Cottage *155South-East Rd
Ethel Cottage *157South-East Rd
Council Houses183-5Spring Rd
Comer Villas200-2Spring Rd
Blandford Villas208-10Spring Rd
Haywards Heath Villas227-229Spring Rd
Maytree Cottages230-4Spring Rd
Oak Villas274-6Spring Rd
Fern Villas282-4Spring Rd
Whitchurch Villas85-7Spring Rd
Hayward Heath89-91Spring Rd
Redlands26Spring Rd
Belmont27Spring Rd
Eastfield28Spring Rd
Stratford30Spring Rd
Romily32Spring Rd
Bermuda34Spring Rd
Lynton34Spring Rd
Gaddiel36Spring Rd
Aisne40Spring Rd
The Retreat42Spring Rd
Merry Oak44Spring Rd
Fenella46Spring Rd
Hillside48Spring Rd
Spring House48Spring Rd
Dalmuir50Spring Rd
Inverdruie50Spring Rd
Cinemara52Spring Rd
Trent Cottage62Spring Rd
Medway64Spring Rd
Meadow Farm68Spring Rd
Dingledell70Spring Rd
Fir Grove74Spring Rd
Cliffordene76Spring Rd
Cambridge Villa77Spring Rd
Braemar78Spring Rd
Fairfield Villa79Spring Rd
Deauville80Spring Rd
Gladstone81Spring Rd
Glen Villa82Spring Rd
St Elmo83Spring Rd
Bettona84Spring Rd
Gilfach House86Spring Rd
Brentwood88Spring Rd
Hillcrest88Spring Rd
Norwood90Spring Rd
St Ives90Spring Rd
Overton House92Spring Rd
Surrey Cottage92Spring Rd
Eaton Rise93Spring Rd
Sussex Cottage94Spring Rd
Weardale94Spring Rd
Beach Mount95Spring Rd
Carlton Cottage96Spring Rd
St Margarets96Spring Rd
The Gables97Spring Rd
Malta Cottage98Spring Rd
Trevena99Spring Rd
Gloster Villa100Spring Rd
Lynwood101Spring Rd
Alma102Spring Rd
The Laurels102Spring Rd
Kenhard103Spring Rd
The Haven104Spring Rd
Wootton105Spring Rd
The Merry Oak106Spring Rd
Tangley107Spring Rd
Carmarron108Spring Rd
Binley109Spring Rd
Lumsden110Spring Rd
Dilkusha111Spring Rd
Newhaven112Spring Rd
Pretoria113Spring Rd
Ivybridge114Spring Rd
Winchester House115Spring Rd
Avalon116Spring Rd
BrynMaur117Spring Rd
Aberavon118Spring Rd
Briar Bank119Spring Rd
Clonmel120Spring Rd
Ivy Dene121Spring Rd
Belmar122Spring Rd
Homedene123Spring Rd
Copthorne124Spring Rd
Northwood126Spring Rd
Wykehurst128Spring Rd
Maywyn130Spring Rd
Ilkley132Spring Rd
Alteryn134Spring Rd
Kinross136Spring Rd
Southlands138Spring Rd
Kingston140Spring Rd
Milnsford142Spring Rd
Malvern146Spring Rd
Booster House148Spring Rd
Etruria152Spring Rd
Firbank Villa154Spring Rd
Hazeldene154Spring Rd
Heathbank Villa156Spring Rd
Rhossilly158Spring Rd
Homeleigh161Spring Rd
Triton Lodge162Spring Rd
Elm Cottage164Spring Rd
Wynbergh181Spring Rd
Ivy Glen187Spring Rd
Moss Glen189Spring Rd
Spring Inn190Spring Rd
La Maisonette194Spring Rd
The Elms196Spring Rd
Claremont199Spring Rd
Bertie Cottage204Spring Rd
Manston Cottage206Spring Rd
Sommerville220Spring Rd
Oak Cottage222Spring Rd
Ava Cottage224Spring Rd
Laurel Cottage228Spring Rd
Laburnum Cottage236Spring Rd
Oak Cottage238Spring Rd
Myrtle Cottage240Spring Rd
Rowan242Spring Rd
Tintagel244Spring Rd
Fernlea246Spring Rd
Sidney House248Spring Rd
Florence Cottage250Spring Rd
Winton Cottage252Spring Rd
Ember254Spring Rd
Alma Villa256Spring Rd
The Hawthorns258Spring Rd
The Hollies260Spring Rd
Pinewood Cottages262Spring Rd
Melba266Spring Rd
Delhi268Spring Rd
Selby270Spring Rd
Ennisworth House278Spring Rd
Park Villa280Spring Rd
Boscombe House286Spring Rd
Ashley House288Spring Rd
Heather Cottage292Spring Rd
Combryne336Spring Rd
Etruria338Spring Rd
Merton338Spring Rd
Redroofs338Spring Rd
Mount Pleasant Cottage6/8St Monica Rd
Glecoe16St Monica Rd
Rose Villa38St Monica Rd
Fuchsia Villa42St Monica Rd
Maytree Cottages113/115Station Rd
Maytree Cottages113/5Station Rd
Lindon House44/46Station Rd
Evergreen22Station Rd
Epari Ra58Station Rd
Tigh Mairi67Station Rd
Branksome68Station Rd
High View69Station Rd
Riverside13-15Steuart Rd
Toronto33-35Steuart Rd
Thecla37-39Steuart Rd
Studland55 or 57Steuart Rd
Bartley7Steuart Rd
York Villas11Steuart Rd
Tanby21Steuart Rd
Meldon23Steuart Rd
Henley25Steuart Rd
Hursley27Steuart Rd
Bank Cottage29Steuart Rd
Deane Cottage31Steuart Rd
Clovelly53Steuart Rd
Durleston59Steuart Rd
Laworth61Steuart Rd
St Heliers63Steuart Rd
Fern Cottages1-3Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Everett Cottage13-14Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Wilton Cottages6-7Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Lansdowne Cottages8-9Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Panwell Villa2Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Holly Cottage4Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Oak Wood5Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Hawthorne Cottage11Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Laurel Cottage12Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Isle of Wight View21Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Evergreen Cottage22Stoney Rd (Panwell Rd)
Laura Villas21/3Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Olympic1Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Teutonic3Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Harnham14Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Glenmore16Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
St Mars17Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Syringa19Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Broadstone22Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Laura Villas25Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Essendene26Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Oakhurst28Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Haslemere30Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Woodvale32Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Cove Villa33Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Enfield34Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Lynwood36Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Ravenscroft36Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Windrush38Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Roseneath42Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Shornmeand43Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Holmwood44Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Ravenscroft46Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Heronden48Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Godlington50Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Gleniffer52Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Combe Martin54Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Trevenha58Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Trevessa60Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Miranda62Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Abberville64Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Donolly67Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Lynton69Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
St Helens71Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Alverston73Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Glenholme79Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Nestleton81Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Malvern83Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Moreton85Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Madeline89Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Granmore91Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Hazeldene93Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Fairleigh95Victoria Rd (Chatsworth Rd)
Mersham Lodge39aWestend Rd
The Grange14Westend Rd
Sherwood16Westend Rd
Mersham39Westend Rd
Oak Dene42Westend Rd
Glenville Lodge43Westend Rd
Pineside44Westend Rd
Rutland Lodge (The Ridge)45Westend Rd
The Ridge45Westend Rd
Bitterne Lodge47Westend Rd
Heathfield Lodge58Westend Rd
St Rumors60Westend Rd
Herondale62Westend Rd
Gordon63Westend Rd
Altyre64Westend Rd
The Laurels67Westend Rd
The Cottage69Westend Rd
Bitterne CottageWestend Rd
Harlow VillaWestend Rd
Heathfield HouseWestend Rd
NewnhamWestend Rd
St CrossWestend Rd
MoorlandsWestend Rd (+ Lodge,Cottage,Farm)
Brydone (Moorlands Villa)Westend Rd (Mousehole Lane)
Moorlands Villa (Brydone)Westend Rd (Mousehole Lane)
Brownlow Lodge/HouseWestend Rd (Peartree Ave)
The GablesWestend Rd (Peartree Ave)
Glenville House43Westend Road
Fernlea Cottages *22/24Whites Rd
Victoria Cottages *5/6Whites Rd
Druid Cottages *60/62Whites Rd
Brighton House *80Whites Rd
Netley View *91/93Whites Rd
Alexandra Cottages *95/97Whites Rd
Herb Cottage2Whites Rd
Ledbury11Whites Rd
Chetwynd13Whites Rd
Jayella14Whites Rd
Trenton19Whites Rd
Yewtree CottageWoodmill Lane
St Francis *(Railway Terr)9Wrights Hill
Origon * (Railway Terr)10Wrights Hill
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