Mayfield House

Build date: Possibly 1856The house was demolished in 1956
Built for: Colonel Robert Wright

Mayfield House, a 40 room/23 bedroom mansion was built about 1856 for Colonel Robert Wright, who had acquired the 35-acre estate two years earlier, it having formerly been the eastern end of Thomas Chamberlayne’s Weston Grove estate

In 1889 Mayfield was sold to Granville Augustus William Waldegrave (Lord Radstock).

During WWI Mayfield was used as an Auxiliary Hospital

When his successor died unmarried in 1937, his brother Montague sold Mayfield to Southampton Corporation on the condition the estate was not to be developed for housing.

The site was opened as a public park in June 1938

During the Second World War, the house was used for temporary accommodation.By the late 1940s the house was in a state of dereliction and neglect and in 1956, the house was demolished.

The Lodge (built c.1860, grade II listed, along with the entrance gates) was sold as a private dwelling, while the stable block and clock-tower (also grade II listed) is now used as a depot by the City Parks and Street Cleaning Department.

The Picture seen here is c.1930 and credited to BLHS.

LORD RADSTOCK AND THE RUSSIAN AWAKENING by David Fountain: Currently available to buy at our Heritage Centre.
Research by Garth Groombridge (currently unpublished): Available to browse at our Heritage Centre.

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