Merry Oak

MERRY OAK – Built c1800 most likely for Hugh P Keane who originally resided at the house. Around 1810 the house and grounds were acquired by George Ede who was the brother of James Ede of Ridgeway Castle. George died in 1821 leaving behind a widow and young son. The widow went on to marry Reverend J B Magennis and moved out in 1840. George Ede’s son died in 1843. Following a long family dispute over the ownership of the land, the Ede’s eventually reached a private resolution and sold the land in 1859 (presumably to John Hopton Forbes who is known to have lived there until the 1870’s). At this time Merry Oak was acquired by George Errington, whose widow continued to reside there until 1920.

During the 1920’s the house was demolished and the estate developed to become the Merry Oak Estate which was completed in the 1930’s.

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